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necropalice's Journal

I could be the Alice to your wonderland.
4 June 1986
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abandoned buildings, atheism, barn dances, bashing tambourines, beauty above bread, beer gardening, boarding the whiskey train, bourbon on ice, but then feminism happened, camden, champagne, charity shops, cheeky naps, cheeky pints, cider, climbing into occupied beds, cocktail hour, comics, creative writing, crunching through autumnal leaves, curiosities, curzon soho, daniel clowes, david shrigley, day tripping, fallen leaves, felt-tips, festivals, fiddlers, flaneurie, folk music, forgotten corners, fountain pens, frogs, glitter war paint, graffiti, graphic novels, harmonicas, horror films, illustration, independent cinemas, ink, intellectual vanity, jack daniels, japanese fiction, japanese food, jazz bars, joe matt, joy division, junk shops, kissing boys, leaf mould, lomography, london, lost notes, louis jordan, manchester, maps, markets, meeting people, mega city comics, miss haversham, mix cds, mix tapes, mslexia, my ridiculous cat, new orleans, nocturnal activities, obsessive list writing, off-beat writing, old books, old wives' tales, overexposure, overgrown gardens, paris, perfume, photography, picnics, pimms on the lawn, pink floyd, polaroids, political decisions, preparing for necropalypse, prince charles cinema, punk, railway oddities, rain, re-reading, reading, really good sneezes, record collecting, schadenfreude, scheming, scrabble, second-hand things, sharpie ink, short stories, silent film, sketch books, smelling books, smelling old books, smelling really old books, sniffin' glue, social butterflying, sombreros, squeeze boxes, strong black coffee, surprises in the post, swearing, tangled ivy, thames, the beatles, the national, the walking dead, thick fog, travel, unusual aesthetics, urban legends, vegetarianism, victorian ghost stories, vintage horror, vintage porn, vinyl, walking through parks, weaving tales, writing, writing competitions, y: the last man, yeah yeah yeahs, zines, zombies